Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 2010 Update

I have just finished my Mind of a Fool article and updated the Don't Let the Frauds Fool You site, which everyone should read VERY carefully.

Since the slivers got going, less than 6 years ago, as can be seen from this report, they have now added over 100 AKC German Shepherd mixes into their outcross pool!! Can you imagine such a mess calling itself a pure "breed"?

They are just out there, pumping out pups for a quick buck!!

Beware! Visit our Fraud ring!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who Are These New ISSDC Breeders?

Let's Take a Look at Some Honest Facts about Them!

I just saw the ISSDC sliver breeder profiles ... WHAT A JOKE!!!! How can those people EVER expect anyone to take them seriously when they keep on trying to sell their lies ... knowing very well that I am able to expose the TRUTH about them!!! Let's just take a look at a few of these *long term* breeders that they are listing!!

Chary Pack ... supposedly breeding Shiloh Shepherds since 1986??? Gee, if anyone has any Dog World magazines from the 80's ... why don't you check them out?? I was listed in each
Shiloh Shepherds ad, because this was/is MY kennel name!! Chary came to visit me in 1986. Here is HER story, written by HER for the Rare Insight magazine in 1998. She produced her FIRST litter of pups in 1995. This list tells it like it REALLY was!!

Wendy Fullerton .. 1989?? I think NOT!! Her (former) husband came to my kennel around that time to buy a PET QUALITY GSD for her!! That pup was later spayed, and never bred!! When Wendy left him, she gave the dog away!!! Later I gave her a young female that I was keeping for breeding. She named her Windsong's Katrinka D'Shiloh and since she moved in with me in the FALL OF '93, I took her to a lot of shows with me .... paying all of her expenses in trade for helping me with some of my dogs during my heavy breed promo tours!

She then moved to a small apartment in Syracuse where she
whelped her FIRST litter .. that I co-owned!!

She then moved back to Silver Springs, into my son's cottage and pumped out a few more litters ... using MY bitches, under MY supervision!!

In 1997 she chose to betray me and work with
Gary to start HIS club. Then in '99 she left him and asked to come back under the amnesty!! This is a letter SHE wrote about the truth that went on in that club!! NEED I SAY MORE?

Bev Roth got her first dog from ME!!! He was out of the Star/Captain litter born in 1992. If you look at the full pedigree you will notice that he is a grandson of Lisa's Megan!! Most of these dogs were BORN and BRED at Shiloh Shepherds kennel!!! The only NB dog involved was Sabrina .. produced by Don Baker!! Yet this women wants to claim that these dogs were all produced by her??? ANYONE can buy a dog .. this does NOT make them a breeder!! Actually ... if you search our
LITTERS PRODUCED list, you won't find her name listed ... why?? Because she NEVER bred an ISSR litter!!!! The other 2 dogs she is so proud of were produced by Ann Prill!! Yet this woman claims to have been a *breeder* since 1992?? Maybe these people don't know what that term means????

Many of the other (26 "breeders") listed have similar stories, only not as interesting, since most of them have either taken C/O dogs from me AND THEN LEFT THE ISSR SO THAT THEY WOULD NOT HAVE TO FULFILL THEIR CONTRACTS ... or they have never even bred a litter!!! Yet they proudly spew forth their LIES ... as if the truth will never be exposed?? TALK ABOUT A BUNCH OF OXYMUDA FRAUDS!!!!!

If you want to know more about them, take a minute to look at
The Rest of the Story and our fully loaded Wall of Shame!

We certainly don't want people like this in the ISSR!! Our goal is to improve the breed ... not to just mass produce "mutt" puppies & lie to the public about what they will be getting!!!
So why are they pretending to be *breeders*?? Maybe it's just because they are not happy with their own pathetic *little nobody* lives, so they have developed some demented *wannabe* phobia about becoming the future "MaShiloh's" of America? ROTFLOL

It's hard to figure out what could be going on in some twisted minds!! Just look at people like Ted Bundy: he was young, handsome, and on his way to a great career ... why did he *have to* kill so many beautiful girls?? Will anyone ever understand a mind like his?? The best you can hope to do is to become AWARE of such predators, and don't allow yourself to be their NEXT victim!!!
When it comes to the Shiloh Shepherd ... it's your responsibility to INVESTIGATE!! We have provided you with all of the information (true facts) you will ever need ... just go to our
Learning Center!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Three Cases of NSBR Fraud
Illustrating this organization's credibility and integrity

M.B. came to my house on Jan. 9, 2005 to take possession of two female Shiloh Shepherds that Linda co-owned with Lisa. Since they had been raised in a loving home, their "mom" wanted to be assured that they would have a private home where they could run free in the woods and play like they did during the two years that they lived with her! Both bitches were fully tested, ready for final ISSR breeding papers and about to come into heat.

It was the deal of the century. Instead of having to wait for pups to grow up and gamble that they would be able to pass all of their breeding requirements, she was being provided with instant satisfaction. She would even get a free stud service to both bitches; all she had to do to "pay" off her contract was to provide half of the first litter (minimum of three pups) back to Lisa/Tina Barber.

M.B. excitedly talked about her pups on our (paid for by Tina) forums and was flooded with calls from potential buyers. However, when it was time to bring the pups back to New Zion for their LER she chose "not" to show up. Instead, since she had already sold all of her pups, she chose to pursue getting litter papers from the NSBR.

I wonder who she names as the sire and how a "registry" could possibly register a litter without the stud owner's signature or even proof that particular breeding occurred.

She presently advertises those dogs on her website as being Genesis' Faith of Zion and Genesis Hope although their ISSR papers clearly state that they were registered as Zion Faith of Mystic Morn and Zion's Hope of Mystic Morn.
[Note that these documents were intentionally blurred to prevent further theft of TCCP/ISSR documentation.]

Maybe it's because she could not get "papers" for the real dogs (named above) because they did not belong to her as can clearly be seen by anyone that looks at the back (transfer part) of the registrations. Both Faith and Hope were signed over to her and Lisa Barber at the time she received physical possession of them. She understood that she would not be given full rights to them until the co-ownership contract was fulfilled.

Is this the way an honest "registry" operates? Just issues a "certificate" for dogs/puppies that have no legitimate documentation? You be the judge.

The third case is even more bizarre.

In early August 2003 C.B. came to visit New Zion and spotted a male puppy that Lisa was planning to keep.

Due to the busy schedule Lisa has to deal with prior to and during Homecoming, she agreed to let C.B. take the pup home for a few weeks to "show" train him for her. C.B. did bring him back for Homecoming and showed him for Lisa. Unfortunately he was winning all of the prizes and she was hooked.

That's when she asked Lisa if she could take him home again for a few weeks so she could show him at the next Canada show, at which time Lisa could have him back. Against her better judgment (Lisa did not like the idea), I chose to release him back to C.B., assuming that since he was micro chipped and fully ISSR registered it would be safe to trust her. [Note that this document was intentionally blurred to prevent further theft of TCCP/ISSR documentation.]

Fooled again! Shortly after she got back to Canada, C.B. informed us that she was not bringing Thunder to the show as planned, because her family was too "attached" to him. We were also informed that since she was in Canada that there was nothing we could do about it and that she could even change his name and apply for registration papers in another 'registry.'
Now he is listed on her site as being a NSBR registered dog named Keystone's Jasper Jax O'Zion even though she is still using all of Thunder's other information, like sire and dam, date of birth etc. She is even using our kennel name! Interesting?

How can a "registry" issue a certificate for any dog without proper proof of ownership?

Is this even the same dog? I realize that puppies can change a lot, but I have sincerely questioned this one from the pictures I have seen of what he supposedly looks like now? Who is he? Why is he registered as a Megan son? What kind of proof of ancestry/ownership (if any) was submitted to the NSBR?

After considering these three cases, I can only conclude that the NSBR just prints off papers that "match" what the person wants them to say.

What kind of monkey business is this?

Shiloh Wall of Shame

Friday, August 26, 2005

Confused about the Shiloh Shepherd, all the registries and the controversies? Here's your opportunity to learn the real truth.

If you take the time to follow the links we have provided, you will not be confused any longer!!

The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed still under development. The Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. (SSDCA) is a non-profit organization formed in 1991 to promote and protect these dogs while the gene pool continues to expand under the direction of their founder, Tina M. Barber. Please take a few moments to visit our home page.

The International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc. (ISSR) was created to maintain the complete database for these magnificent dogs. Data collection can be traced to Tina's personal dogs since 1962, and detailed littermate information (LMI) on all Shiloh Shepherds has been carefully documented since 1974! The Complete Computer Place in Texas has continued to work under an exclusive contract to carefully record and process all pertinent data since 1993. For more details, please visit http://www.shilohshepherds.org/ISSR,inc.htm

For even more information regarding the Shiloh Shepherds please visit our Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center site map and if you have any specific questions that have not been answered in Tina's Q & A, please take a moment to join our Shiloh Shepherd Friends forum where you may ask her directly.

Don't miss our new article: Shiloh Buyer Beware: The Rest of the Story!